Who can treat you…

Please read before booking your appointment

Who can treat you…

HCA – Debbie Turner

Blood pressure monitoring, NHS health checks, Basic wound dressings, New patient checks,

B12 injections (after the loading dose), Please make sure you have ordered and collected your B12 injections.

Practice Nurse – Margaret Coleman

Wound checks and dressings, stitch and staple removal, ear irrigation, Blood pressure monitoring, Pill checks, Coil checks, Smear test, Depo injections and B12 injections (loading dose only). Please make sure you have ordered and collected your injections.

Nurse Practitioner – Gail Harvey and Georgina Matthews

As above and minor illness in over two-year-olds.

Coughs, Ear ache, Sore throats, Rashes, UTI, Bites. Pregnancy conditions excluded.


Please do not book unnecessary GP appointments, if a Nurse or the HCA can help you. If you have any doubt, please contact the surgery and ask.

Thank you from your Doctors.

For babies’ eight-week check-ups and all Annual reviews (Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Dementia, Mental health, Learning disability and Rheumatoid Arthritis), please call the surgery as these have to be extended appointments.

Please do not book though the online services for any admin work (e.g. Medical certificates, Insurance papers, Fit notes and Private medicals) – please contact the surgery direct.

How to Book an Appointment

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