BeeZee Bodies

Do you have questions about your kids’ health habits?

  • Fussy eater?
  • Won’t eat their greens?
  • Serial snacker?
  • Couch potato?
  • Eyes bigger than their belly?

We’ve got the answers!

Book a free support session with a member of our wellbeing team! We are experts in engaging children with healthy eating and physical activity and can help you turn healthy efforts into healthy habits for life.

Over a (virtual) cuppa, we will give you advice about family nutrition and exercise, and work together on a personalised behaviour change plan for your family. We’ll check in a month later to see how you’re getting on!

Funded by Hertfordshire County Council, this free service is available to children aged 5-15 who have who have a BMI above the 91st centile (we can help you work this out if you’re unsure).

Sign up for your your free session today!


Phone: 01707 248648